SSL: Public Speaking

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Our principal consultant Eleanor Saitta is available as a public speaker on a variety of topics.

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Eleanor Saitta has been giving talks on a monthly basis in venues around the world since 2009.  She spoken at everything from large technical conferences like O'Reilly Velocity, KiwiCon, Hack in the Box, and the annual Chaos Computer Club Congress, at more design-oriented events like The Conference in Malmö and FutureEverything, at political events like Electronic Frontiers Australia's annual privacy summit in Federation Square in Melbourne, at universities including Harvard and Yale, at the London ICA, Creative Time's annual summit, and at smaller commercial events like J.Boye and HartmanEvent.  While many of her talks are given for the sake of the communities she's part of, you can also book her as speaker.

Subjects Eleanor can speak on include:

  • Product security design
  • Threat modeling
  • Secure development lifecycles
  • Infrastructural futures
  • Urban design
  • Privacy and human rights
  • Design for participation
  • Operational security
  • System aesthetics
  • Network politics

SSL are also happy to run training events or brown-bag seminars for development teams around some the subjects we do consulting work on.

Here's a talk Eleanor gave with Quinn Norton at 30c3, “No Neutral Ground in a Burning World”:

Here's Eleanor's keynote from the 2015 O'Reilly Velocity conference in Amsterdam:

And finally, here's Eleanor's talk on magick, intent, and systems development processes from the 2015 Future Everything:

If you're interested in having Eleanor come speak, don't hesitate to get in touch!